1. Lunch doodle

  2. I made my first mini zine, “Iconogasm”! It’ll be a 2-color risograph print on A3 paper, 200 copies! Excited to pass them out to folks when they get back from the printers, but in the meantime here’s the cover design! (special thanks to Ryan Cecil Smith for helping me figure this process out!)


  3. aminder said: why are you so awesome?!

    1) Because I have amazing friends and mentors I look up to, like you

    2) Power-stances


    (thank you, you’re the coolest Aminder)

  4. Wizard with potion and enchanted gems

  5. If you’re like me and feel this way sometimes, here’s an excellent Ted Talk that’ll help for sure. I’d also recommend this whole playlist as well, to help re-contextualize how to think about your work in a more positive manner :)

  6. Messing around with ideas for a zine

  7. I just got into Clarence and Kill la Kill at around the same time. So this was inevitable.

  8. Doing a style frame for my LoopdeLoop submission! Sky wizards rule

  9. A comic about cartooning

  10. Gamblin’ goblins

  12. Let the twist begin!

  13. Trying something different, but wanted to keep it real, so gave her some straight-up off-the-dome cartoony tats (see details). This was just an exercise to see if I could learn stuff from practicing different stylizations.

  14. An old character design lineup page thing

  15. It’s not what I had intended to submit, but here’s what I was able to bang out for the LoopdeLoop “Twist” show!