2. Let the twist begin!

  3. Trying something different, but wanted to keep it real, so gave her some straight-up off-the-dome cartoony tats (see details). This was just an exercise to see if I could learn stuff from practicing different stylizations.

  4. An old character design lineup page thing

  5. It’s not what I had intended to submit, but here’s what I was able to bang out for the LoopdeLoop “Twist” show!

  6. Not a pleasant skin condition

  7. Let’s roam around the weird places

  8. \m/

  9. "Oh hey there good lookin’"

  10. More lunch doodles

  11. You heard the skeleton man

  12. Bump on the noggin’

  13. Nickelodeon lunch doodles

  14. uglyfun:


    shapes with eyes

    is this the exercise from Understanding Comics? :D

    Yup! I just used a grey copic marker to make the blobs instead of making contours. I’ve also been reading Ivan Brunetti’s “Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice" religiously, its one of my favorites!

  15. Here are some rough storyboards/composition studies for my LoopdeLoop submission! (I’m posting this so that way I’ll look like a fool on the internet if I don’t finish it in time).